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Rogers Transport specialise in container storage, interstate transport, warehousing and distribution. They have built a reputation for providing superior services to their customers and clients since 1985.

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Interactive virtual training environment

3D models and textures

Client Testimony

"As the owner of a trucking and logistics company with a reputation for superior service, I believe professionalism, quality and on-time delivery are vital components to successful projects. From start to finish, working with Zero Blink was smooth trucking.

I had the opportunity to first experience Virtual Reality in our initial consultation. We worked together on a brief based on some of my requirements for not only training but also pitching to my own clients. The team spent quite a bit of time with me refining the brief which eliminated the need for changes to the project or delivery.

I’m now able to experiment with innovative approaches to training the crew whilst demonstrating our capabilities, regardless of where I meet with clients. This is the kind of thing that will get noticed in a boardroom when everyone else is still pitching with print outs and powerpoints.

It was a pleasure working with these guys."

Gary Rogers
Rogers Transport
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".. This is the kind of thing that will get noticed in a boardroom.."
- Gary Rogers, CEO, Rogers Transport

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